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Life Membership is awarded to Maleny Garden Club members after 25 years.

John Hope Skerman (1964) was a long serving Life Patron (approximately 28 years) whose generosity in providing trophies probably will never be matched. Donated trophies from 1952 until the last recorded in 1993. Passed away in 1972 aged 96 years old.

Edna Thomas (1970) was first mentioned in the Minutes of January 1957. Last mentioned in minutes 1976. Vice President in 1971.

Joan Gibson: (1978) Proposed as an Honorary member. Passed away noted in the Minutes 1993. A great contributor to the activities of the Horticultural Society.

Peg Burnett (1988) was, for many years, responsible for the deign and execution of the Floral Carpets,

Edna Hawkins (1989) filled many roles, including thirteen years as Treasurer and two terms as President.

Thalia Skerman: (1994) Daughter of J H Skerman the original Patron. Thalia held multiple positions and it was common to hear, “Oh, that came from Thalia’s garden!”

Olga Webster: (1994) Foundation Member, Competition judge, acknowledged as an expert grower of Camellias.

Marie and Annie Cassells (1994) were members of the Society from the time of the completion of the new School of Arts building (1957) until the time of their nomination in 1994 as Life members, a total of 30+ years.

Phyl Waters: (1994) Proposed Hamer Wallis and seconded Di Hall

Colin Campbell (1995) was made an Honorary Member in 1995. Patron from 2008 until his passing in 2012.

Alan Webster: (1995) Longest serving Patron (approx. 40 years), was Junior Patron in 1966 with JH Skerman and Patron until his passing in 2007.

Eileen Harrison: (1998) Secretary and in later years was well loved for doing the Bird of the Month segment.

Ann Jeremy: (1999) First mentioned in Minutes of 1969, Ann Jeremy was secretary in 1983 for ’84, She also became Vice President for the same year then President 1984 for ’85.

Loy Ryan: (1999) First mentioned in Minutes 1990. Passed away in 2001.

Thelma Martin: (1999) First mention in Minutes April 1963, flower steward 1964 Assisted with the Floral carpet 1993, very involved in flower judging.

Ivy Cox: (Nor sure) Served as Publicity Officer, Library Officer, Vice President and Treasurer over a period of many years.

Jo Tedman (2010) organised the Club raffles for 20+ years and served on the Autumn Fair Management Committee.

Pat Powell (2010) assumed the role of President of the Garden Club in 1993.A feature of Pat’s Presidency was her nomination of flower for the years she was President, in 1994 it was the Tree Dahlia and in 1995 it was the ‘Green Ice’ miniature rose.

Norma McLeod:  (2010) Membership Secretary, Club Hostess, Vice President, Treasurer for 4 years, commended for her Christmas Cake and her ability as a flower steward and judge.

Di Hall(2015) was President and Floral Carpet convenor for many years. Di is first mentioned in the Club minutes in October 1998. Di Bus Trip convenor in 1993 and often introduced the guest speaker at meetings.

Corrine Taylor (2015) was 25 years a member and President 1991/92/93.

June Crane (2015) served as Secretary for 3 consecutive terms ((1989-90- 91)and Competition Flower Judge for 5 consecutive years as well as the Spring and Autumn Fair Organiser for 2 consecutive years.

Val Bengston: (2016) Val served as Vice President 1994-95, Assistant Secretary 1995-96 – Secretary 1996-97, 1997-98 and 1998-99, retired from Committee in 2000-01.

Joyce Butterfield: (2017) Brian and Joyce Butterfield were the librarians for total of 5 years: 1997/98 – 1998/99 – 1999/00 – 2000/01 and 2001/02.  Joyce was Vice President 1996/97 and 1997/98. At meetings of the Maleny Garden Club in the 1990s Joyce Butterfield presented a segment Friend or Foe, which identified bugs and pests in our gardens.

Molly Cock (2017) was responsible for the introduction of the Club quarterly Newsletter “Snippets” which first appeared in 2002.

Lisa Plucknett is the Maleny Garden Club Poet Laureate and an accomplished violinist, who along with her husband, specialises in a water-wise garden.

Anne Boyle  (Awarded posthumously, 2023) was a very valuable member of the committee, dedicated to the club and to her role, willingly taking on many tasks.

Seven Life Members represent 200 years of commitment to Maleny Garden Club and the community. (2017)

A total of 200 years of commitment to the local community was on show at a gathering of Life Members of Maleny Garden Club at Witta.