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Title Author
100 Flowers & How They Got their Names Diana Wells
1001 Gardens you must see before you die Rae Spencer-Jones
1001 Hints & Tips for the Garden Readers Digest Magazine
Allan Seale’s Garden Companion to Trees & Shrubs Allan Seale
Annuals and Biennials Kenneth A. Beckett
Annuals for all Seasons Stirling Macoboy
Anyone Can Grow It Bob Moors
Arboriculture: Integrated management of landscape trees, shrubs & vines Richard W. Harris
Arranging Australian Wild Flowers Denise Greig
Australia and New Zealand Complete Book of Gardening Summit Books
Australia’s Best Flowering Perennials Sarah Guest
Australian Backyard Cheryl Maddocks
Australian Banksias Barbara Mullins, Douglass Baglin
Australian Cottage Gardens
Australian Ferns & Fern Allies D.L. Jones & S.C. Clemesha
Australian Flower Garden Clive Blazey
Australian Garden: Designs & plants for today John Patrick
Australian Gardener Jessie Boyd
Australian Gardening A-Z W.G. Sheat
Australian Horticultural Show & Judges Manual
Australian Native Plants: Propagation, cultivation, landscaping John W. Wrigley, Murray Fagg
Australian Subtropical Fungi S. McMullan-Fisher, P. Leonard, F. Guard
Australian Tropical Butterflies Peter Valentine
Australian Vegetable Garden Clive Blazey
Australian Wattles Barbara Mullins, Douglass Baglin
Australia’s Dangerous Creatures David Underhill
A Window to the Southern Highlands Linda Emery
A-Z of Popular Garden Plants Alan Titchmarsh
Azaleas Christopher Fairweather
Backyard Organic Gardening in Australia Brenda Little
Balcony, Patio & Window Box Gardening Leslie Johns
Bamboo World Victor Cusack
Banksia Book Alex S. George
Beautiful Small Gardens & Courtyards Better Homes & Gardens
Begonias Peter G. Sharp
Birdscaping your Garden George Adams
Blackall Range Landholders Guide Barung Landcare
Blooms of the Australian Wilderness Hearne Denucs, text
Bonsai:  An Easy-to-Follow Guide Lindsay Bebb
Bonsai: Art and Technique Jennifer Wilkinson
Book of Herbs and Herb Gardening Ann Bonar
Border Book Anna Pavord
Botanica’s Roses (Encyclopedia of Roses) Various
Brisbane Cottage Garden Denise Horchner
Brisbane Houses with Gardens: the story of the people who built them Beth Wilson
Bulbs and Perennials R.E. Harrison
Bulbs for all Climates Australian Women’s Weekly Guide
Bulbs for your Garden Bay Books Gardening Library
Bulbs: Gardening with the Experts Mary Moody
Butterfly host plants of South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales John T. Moss
Camellias: a Photo Dictionary Don Ellison
Care-free Plants Readers Digest
Cheap and Easy Propagation Jane Edmanson
Citrus & Fruit Trees  Including Nuts Allan Seale
Climbers for Walls and Arbours Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix
Collection of Australian Wildflower Illustrations Patricia Weare
Colour Me a Garden Margaret Hanlon Dunn, Barbara O’Leary
Colour Your Garden with Australian Natives Geoff & Bev Rigby
Colours for an Australian Native Garden Margaret Hanlon Dunn
Complete backyard book Better Homes & Gardens
Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia Louis Gowinski
Complete Book of Herbs Lesley Bremness
Complete Gardener John Brookes
Complete Indoor Gardener Michael Wright
Cook’s Garden Australian Women’s Weekly guide
Cottage Garden Christopher Lloyd and Richard Bird
Cottage Garden Flowers Margery Fish
Cottage Garden & Fragrant Plants Universal (magazine)
Cottage Gardens Green Leaf Garden Series
Cottage Gardens in Australia Peter Cuffley
Creating a Rockery with Australian Native Plants Denise Greig
Creating a Useful Garden Cheryl Maddocks
Creating an Australian Rainforest Garden Ralph Bailey and Julie Lake
Cultivated Plants of the World Don Ellison
David Austin English Roses Clay Perry
Designing your Garden Marshall Cavendish
Dig: modern Australian gardening Meredith Kirton
Discovering Australian Butterflies Vanessa Bugg
Disease, Insect & Weed Control in Turf, 3rd Edition Australian Turfgrass Research Institute
The Disobedient Garden: landscapes of contrast and contradiction Michael Cooke & Brigid Arnott
Dried Flower Arrangements Nancy Millard
Ecology in Australia: a  Natural Legacy, 2nd Edition Edited by H.F. Recher, D. Lunney & Irina Dunn
Ellis Rowan: a Flower Hunter in Queensland Judith McKay
Encyclopedia of Australian Gardening, Vols. 1,2&3
Essential Rose Garden: a practical guide to growing, care and maintenance of roses Peter McHoy
Exotic Tree Fruit for the Australian Home Garden Glen Tankard
Field guide to Australian native flowering plants Ivan Holliday
Field Guide to Birds of Australia Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight
First Aid – Responding to Emergencies Australian Red Cross
Flora of SE Qld, Vol. 1 T.D. Stanley & E.M. Ross
Flora of SE Qld, Vol. 2 Ditto
Flora: the Gardener’s Bible Gardening Australia
Flower Arranging Better Homes & Gardens
Flower Decorations: a  new approach to arranging flowers Fleur Cowles
Flower Growers Handbook : Perennials and Annuals Geoff Bryant
Flowering Perennials Sarah Guest
Flowering Shrubs Keith Rushforth
Flowering Shrubs Helen Simon
Flowers and Plants of Victoria Australlian Flora in Colour
Friends & Foes of Australian Gardens F.D. Hockings
Fruits in the Home Garden Dept. of Primary Industries
Garlic Penny Woodward
Garden Book of Shrubs Allan Seale
Garden Delights Ruby Begonia
Garden Doctor Your Garden mag
Garden Doctor Pacific Publications
Garden Forever: dreams, stories, heritage & history Kyleigh & Michael Simpson
Garden Planning Kit Readers Digest
Garden Plants : a comprehensive guide Sphere Colour Plant Guides
Garden Talk Colin Campbell
Garden Terms Simplified A.J. Huxley
Gardeners’ Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers Reader’s Digest
Gardeners Essential Plant Guide Brian Davis
Gardener’s Log Edna Walling
Gardening Australia Book ABC’s Gardening Australia
Gardening Down-Under.  2nd ed. Kevin Handreck
Gardening with Australian Native Plants Bay Books Australian Gardening Library
Gardening with Camellias Jim Rolfe
Gardening with Ferns & Palms Green Leaf Garden series
Gardens of Andrew Pfeiffer: A Sense of Place Andrew Pfeiffer
Glorious Flowers Laura Peroni
Glory of the English Garden Mary Keen
Go Country: a  Troubleshooter’s Guide to Successful Country Living Edward Mundie
Good Ideas for your Garden Readers Digest
Good Gardens with Less Water Kevin Handreck
Great Gardens: Australia the Beautiful
Green Gardener Shirley Stackhouse
Greenhouses: Handbook for Nurserymen, Horticulturists & Gardeners Keith Garzoli
Grow Native: Creating an Australian bush garden Bill Molyneux
Growing a Butterfly Garden in South-East Queensland Graham J McDonald
Growing Bromeliads. 3rd ed. Diane & Richaard Cornale, ed.
Growing Daylilies Graem Grosvenor
Growing Flowers for Picking Lothian Australian Garden series
Growing Geraniums & Pelargoniums in South-East Queensland Geranium & Pelargonium Soc
Growing Hibiscus Hibiscus Society of Queensland
Growing Irises  2nd ed. Graeme Grosvenor
Growing Native Plants and Wildflowers Better Homes and Gardens
Growing Rhododendrons Richard Francis
Growing Roses Paul Hains
Growing Tuberous Begonias in Australia Ralph Willsmore
Growing without Digging Ester Dean
Growing your own plants Judy Moore
Habitat Garden: Attracting Wildlife to your Garden Peter Grant
Herb Gardens The Royal Horticultural Society
Herbal – Illustrated Growing Herbs etc. Phillipa Black
Hibiscus in Colour Australian Hibiscus Soc. Inc.
The Hidden Life of Trees: what they feel, how they communicate Peter Wohlleben
Horticultural Guide to Aust Plants Soc for Growing Aust Plants
The House and Garden at Glenmore: landscape, memory, seasons, home Mickey Robertson
House plants Cyril Harris
House plants & hanging baskets Australian Good Gardening
How to Care for your Cacti John Pilbeam
How to Propagate John Cushnie
How to recognise the Different  Types of Australian Stingless Bees Anne Dollin
Hydroponics – Illustrated Guide Dudley Harris
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias Stirling Macoboy
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents Gordon Rowley
Indoor Plants Better Homes & Gardens
Indoor Plants (Complete Guide) Readers Digest
Is it Poisonous Helen McCaughey
It’s so Natural Alan Hayes
Joy of Flowers Stirling Macoboy
Key Guide to Palms & Ferns & Allies Leonard Cronin
Know your Indoor & House Plants Jack Krempin
Landscaping with Daylilies Oliver Billingslea
Landscaping Your Garden Better Homes and Gardens
Lazy Gardener Don Bourke
Learn to Garden Royal Horticultural Society
Lessons from Great Gardeners: Forty Gardening Icons and What Matthew Biggs
Living with the Environment in Pine Rivers Shire John Bowden
Love of Cordylines Margaret Lyons
Love of Trees Kenneth A. Beckett
Low Maintenance Garden Graham Rose
Macoboys Roses Stirling Macaboy
Magnolias Rosemary Barrett
Making your Garden Grow Jolyon Burnett and Simon Leake
Mangroves to Mountains Logan River Branch SGAP
Mangroves to Mountains (2nd copy) Logan River Branch SGAP
Mangroves to Mountains Vol. 2 Logan River Branch SGAP
Mary Moody’s Roses Mary Moody
Mary Moody’s Guide to Cottage Gardens Mary Moody
Much More In a Brisbane Cottage Garden Denise Horchner
My Gardening Year Shirley Stackhouse
Native Garden Doctor Phil Hadlington & Ted Taylor
Natural Control of Garden Pests.  2nd ed. Jackie French
The Nestbox Book Gould League
Nest Boxes for Wildlife Alan and Stacey Franks
Nests of Australian stingless bees Anne Dollin
New Life for Old Gardens Allan Seale
No Garbage Allan Gilbert
Noosa’s Native Plants Stephanie Haslam
Observer Good Gardening Guide Joy Larkcom, Arthur Hellyer, Peter Dodd
Old Fashioned Gardens
Orchids for Everyone Brian Williams
Organic Fruit Growing Annette McFarlane
Organic Gardener’s Companion Anne Heazlewood
Organic Gardening Peter Bennet
Ornamental Conifers Julie Grace
Ornamental Foliage Plants for your Garden Denise Grieg
Ornamental Plants for Australia Raymond J Rowell
Over the Fence & Overlooked: Traditional Plants in Queensland’s Gardening Heritage Kyleigh & Michael Simpson
Palms & Cycads Palm & Cycad Societies of Australia
Patios & Courtyards Royal Horticultural Society
Perennials Time/Life Encyclopaedia
Performance Plants Andrew Lawson
Pesticides and Alternatives Brisbane Organic Growers Group
Pests & Diseases Allan Seale
Pests, Diseases, Ailments and Allies of Australian Plants David L. Jones and others
PH Soil Testing Kit – A must know for all members
Pine Rivers Shire
Planning & Planting Home Gardens Bay Books Gardening Library
Planning your garden for retirement Lothian Australian Garden series
Plant a Tree (History of revegation projects in SE Qld) Wally Davies
Plant Perfect (NZ) Neil Ross
Planting a Native Garden Vol 1 Pine Rivers Society for Aust. Plants
Planting a Native Garden Vol 2 Pine Rivers Society for Aust Plants
Plants for Warm Gardens, Vol. 1 Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix
Plants for Warm Gardens, Vol. 2 Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix
Plants, People & Places: The Plant Lover’s Companion Julia Brittain
Pocket Book of House Plants David Longman
Practical Craft Ideas from your Garden Lothian Australian Garden series
Practical Guide to Australian Orchid Growing Wayne Turville
Pruning Ornamental Shrubs & Trees L.F. Eager
Quirky Gardens Jennifer Isaacs
Rainforest Plants 1 Nan & Hugh Nicholson
Rainforest Plants 2 Ditto
Regreening Australia: Caring for Young Trees 2 Nan Oates
Rodale Book of Composting Rodale Press
Rose Gardens of Australia: a Wealth of Knowledge, Pleasure and Inspiration Susan Irvine
Rose Lovers Companion:  A-Z of Rose Varieties Gardening Australia
Roses: a practical guide to over 300 roses for Australia and New Zealand Roger Mann
Roses – their colourful kin and friends Murray Publishers
Ross Guide to Rose Growing Deanne Ross
Rural Australian Gardens Myles Baldwin
Scented Plants Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix
Seed Production for the Australian Home Vegetable Gardener Allen & Christina Barry
Sex, Botany & Empire: the story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks Patricia Fara
Shady Gardens Mary Moody
Simple Guide to Growing Camellias James Young
Simple Pest and Disease Control Colin Campbell
Simply Gardening: a basic guide to starting & maintaining a garden Dennis Hundescheidt
Small Garden Design Paul Bangay
Small Plants & Climbers Thistle Y. Harris
Soil Care K.R.W. Hammett
Some Tree Fruits for Tropical Queensland D. Alexander et al
Starting Out With Natives John Wrigley, Murray Fagg
Starting Out With Succulents David L. Jones
Subtropical Garden Jacqueline Walker, Gil Hanly
Suburban Weeds H.E. Kleinschmidt
Success with Caring for Roses Gerhard Worm
Success with Climbing Plants Angelika Weber & Karin Greiner
Success with Creating a Garden Pond Peter Stadelmann
Success with House Plants Readers Digest
Successful Gardening in Warm Climates Annette McFarlane
Table Flowers Shane Connolly
Tea Roses Lynne Chapman, Noelene Drage, Di Durston,
Teaming with Microbes: a gardener’s guide to the soil food web Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis
Top 50 Indoor Plants Angie Thomas
Top 100 Fragrant Roses Your Garden magazine
Treasury of Australian Wildlife D.F. McMichael
Tree Care for the Home Gardener Lothian Australian Garden series
Trees & Shrubs (for Aust & N Z) Readers Digest
Trees & Shrubs in Rainforests of NSW & S.Qld J.B. Williams, G.J. Harden, W.J.F. McDonald
Trees and Shrubs (Australia’s Best Garden Guides) Graeme Purdy
Trees for Flower & Fragrance Stirling Macoboy
Trees for Fruit & Foliage Stirling Macoboy
Trees: Colourful Trees for Australian Gardens Harry Oakman
Trees: Form & Foliage Guide Susie Leong & Tracy Laughlin
Trees and Shrubs for Your Garden Bay Books Gardening Library
Tropical & Subtropical Gardening Harry Oakman
Truly Tiny Gardens Caroline Gunter
Virgin Gardener Paul Thompson
Water Garden Plants & Animals Nick Romanowski
Water in your Garden Lothian Australian Garden series
Weed Control for the Home Gardener David Aldous
Weekend Gardener Valerie Swane
What Flower is that? Stirling Macoboy
What Flowers When? Harry Oakman
What Garden Pest or Disease is That? Judy McMaugh
What Indoor plant is That? Stirling Macoboy
What Pest is That? Bay Books
What Tree is That? Stirling Macoboy
What Wildflower is That? Alec M. Blombery
Wild Flowers of Australia Ted Smart & David Gibbon
Wild Garlic, Gooseberries & me Denis Cotter
Wild Guide to Moreton Bay Qld Museum Publication
Wild Life & Farm Dams D. Hill & N. Edquist
Wild Places of Greater Brisbane Qld Museum Publication
Wild Plants of Greater Brisbane Qld Museum Publication
Wilderness in Bloom: Wildflowers of Tropical Queensland Bill & Betty Hinton
Wildflowers of the Wallum Elizabeth McDonald
Wollemi Pine James Woodford
World of Kew Ronald King
Yates Garden Guide – Centennial Edition Yates
Yates Garden Guide (1996) Yates
Yates Gardening in Tropical & Sub-tropical Australia Yates Garden Guide
Your Garden Birds Ellen M. McCulloch
Your Gardening Questions Answered Readers Digest

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