President’s Report for the six months ending March 2019

The period from the last AGM to this AGM is a mere six months and only five club meetings, so this report will be appropriately short.

We have entered the digital world more fully in terms of our GOE promotions and information-sharing due in large to our technical expert David Webb, who has spent many hours making sure we are up to date.

David has also set up a Facebook page for our Gardening on the Edge event so many thanks David.

We have agreed to be a part of the Maleny Sports and Recreation Club website which shares information between Maleny organisations and the world at large.

The Sports and Recreation Club has instigated this initiative to promote sharing of information among the many Maleny clubs and organisations. It is important that we participate in these community initiatives and become part of the Maleny community.

We have welcomed 10 new members over the last few months and the system with waiting list people is working well.

Thankyou also to our dedicated volunteer helpers who turn up at 8 o’clock every last Tuesday of the month to ensure preparations for the monthly meeting run like clockwork, Brian and Marion, Carole Webb, Mike Brown and Peter Brown.

Annette Lees and Paula Brackenborough have joined our band of helpers as backup for morning teas but there is always room for more if anyone would like to contribute some time.

Sonia Douglas taking care of our website, Harvey Weston locating speakers and Margaret Owens producing Snippets every quarter are absolute stalwarts.

Our Christmas party was again a great success and Jan Davis represented the club with a decorated Christmas Tree in the Uniting Church festival in December.

Jan and the GOE team are continuing to do a wonderful job organising this year’s Gardening on the Edge event, we pray as always for good weather.

I would like to thank the committee for their continued support and commitment to their individual responsibilities.

Every single position on the committee carries duties and responsibilities and hours have to be spent doing these jobs. It is really appreciated.

This committee has worked as always to continue the club’s tradition of being a welcoming and friendly club for our members and visitors.

We are always friends through gardening.

Dot Jupp – President 2018/2019


President’s Report – September 2018

I would like to thank the current committee for remaining on the executive committee with me this year.

Not only do they all do their jobs admirably but we also work well together and have a lot of fun.

The committee don’t just do the admin – they also put in extra hours catering for the AGM and GOE functions.

The club would certainly not function without our special members, working outside of the Executive, who take on responsibility for tasks month after month. They include; Brian and Marion Robertson who look after morning teas and Sip’n’Snips; Harvey Weston who continues to turn up trumps with excellent and varied speakers; Mike Brown managing the supply and sales of compost; Carole Webb organising the flower competition; Sonia Douglas managing the website; Margaret Owens continuing to produce our favourite reading material; with Gardening on the Edge Convenor Jan Maguire and GOE Promotions Kaye Gardener.

This is a great team and without them you would not be enjoying all the services your club provides.

This year the focus of the executive has been to review and update the administrative processes so necessary for the club’s smooth operation and to satisfy legal requirements;

  • Our treasurer Anne Boyle has spent time setting up internet banking for the club and writing a job procedure which will simplify the job for future treasurers. Anne, along with advice from Alan, has led the committee in updating our model rules to the latest version issued by the Department of Fair Trading.
  • Under David Webb’s guidance, generic email addresses have been set up for committee positions. These emails will avoid committee members having to use personal emails, will provide continuity when office holders change and will facilitate ongoing communication with other organisations.
  • The entire committee has contributed to creating various documents for new members which should give them all the information they need on club facilities and make them feel immediately at home. We are also working on updating by-laws.

I thank the current committee for nominating again; your combined experience and knowledge is invaluable.

Thank you also to our two new committee members for nominating, David Webb and Bill Henman. It is crucial to keep new members coming onto the committee with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Appreciation is also due to the partners of committee members who support them through meetings and endless hours on the phone and computer.

It has been a fun and productive year and we are all looking forward to a similar outcome next year.

Dot Jupp – President 2017/2018


President’s Report – 2017

This is my final report after a very special 4 years in the chair.

Never did I imagine when I joined the Club some 8-9 years ago that I would be chairing our meetings.

What a privilege it has been.

This last twelve months as for many of us, has just flown, with much happening, bus trips, Sip n Snips, Gardening on the Edge, and our recent Friendship Day.

We are so lucky, firstly to live here and to have what we have in the Club. I know we all recognise just how special this Garden Club family is, and look where we meet, under an old school, and we will lunch today under the camphor laurel trees.

It probably takes three quarters of our life to finally realise what it is all about. No wonder, we can’t pass this on to our children who are running on that treadmill, that we have jumped from and are now smelling the roses.

I have been very fortunate to have the very best and hard working Committee beside me through these years.

My thanks goes to you for your support, everyone has gone beyond what would be expected to keep this show on the road as they say.

I was taken aback at our last meeting to find, arriving here to meet Col who was bringing a load of compost, Brian and Marion as always here and ready to go, but Brian did his usual and left saying I’m not staying I have the flu. Then here comes David, mask on face, setting up the projector ready for the guest speaker and saying “No I’m not staying Carolyn has the flu
and I don’t want to pass it on”.

This thoughtfulness has been evident since I joined this Club, and I know you all feel as I do that it is special.

Our life membership has now grown, and each meeting I look across at you, you are very special to this club too, without you where would we be?

It is sad now to know that dear Olga who has sat in a chair in front of me all these years may not be able to attend as many meetings now as she would like, but we will look forward to maybe having morning tea with her in the months to come.

I know that my successor will enjoy their time as much as I have.

Thank You and I look forward to having lunch and a catch-up under the trees.

In closing I must say a big Thank You to my mate, Arthur. He builds me arches and gates and says “Oh alright,” when I say, “Do you think there is room for that somewhere in the garden?”

He was a good find and has been very tolerant.

Marnie Trass, your outgoing President

President’s Report – September 2016

This year has been a very fulfilling one for me, as President.

I have represented our Club again at the Queensland Council of Garden Clubs’ functions and mingled with other members of clubs from South East Queensland.

Garden clubs in this area are thriving, which when you hear of some organisations struggling to take in new members, we as gardeners and friends must be doing something right.

My hope, as I’m sure you would agree, is that our enthusiasm and love for the garden will be handed down to the younger generation. What will they miss if they have not, in their lifetime, spent time enjoying the pleasures that we enjoy?

I cannot present a report without acknowledging the efforts of my executive – Anne, Dot, Toni, Marie, Carolyn, Nancy, Brian, John, Jim and Kevin.

Each have taken to their role – as the saying goes – as ducks to water.

Every year the business side of things has improved with the internal running of all things related to the club, as well as Gardening on the Edge.

We have added a compatible laptop computer to help with the keeping of records, for future reference.

Gardening on the Edge was a great success, thanks largely to Dot our coordinator, to Brian for his excellent control of advertising, and to Anne and Toni for money matters.

An addition to our newsletter is Kevin’s Tips and Gleanings, which I know you all appreciate. Thankyou Kevin.

To Marie, thankyou for accompanying me on many occasions to functions to fly the flag. We also greatly appreciate the work you have done with the membership register and secretarial work.

Carolyn came on board and she took on the newsletter distribution. I know she now appreciates the work Jan did for some time in this role, thankyou Carolyn, not to mention the organisation of the morning tea rosters.

Too many years to count, our dear Nancy has spent many hours putting together our great excursions. What would we do without you Nancy? Thankyou,

And last but not least, my great backstop Jim, and Long John. It’s not the woman behind the man but more than men behind the woman.

I look forward to our Xmas celebrations at Maleny Manor with you all.

I have, as you all know, enjoyed every minute of being part of this club and long may it continue for all of us.


Marnie Trass – President

President’s Report – September 2015

Thinking back over the past twelve months and putting together thoughts for this report, I find myself feeling great gratitude for the work done by the Committee this year – with every detail attended to; meetings running without any difficulties; discussions are had; and decisions are made.

I have been very proud to be a part of the Executive Team for this Club and I can say without hesitation that the affairs have been handled with great decorum.

I thank Anne for her support as Vice President. It has been invaluable at times when I have needed a very capable second opinion.

To have the compiled file that Brian has made of past Executive Members and the insight into the history of our Club, has taken time and great effort and I am very appreciative of the work you have done, Brian, which allowed me to look back and find one of our long-standing members to ask to chair our Election of Officers today.

We are so fortunate in this Club to have members who have been with us for many years, many of whom have held positions on the Committee and it shows us, I think, the camaraderie that is felt by all of us – that we enjoy and want to continue to enjoy one another’s company, not only to learn about gardening but to share friendship.

To my other executives, Marie, Dot, Jan, Glenys, Nancy, Toni, Jim and John (absent but not forgotten), my thanks to you all for your great work.

Jan, sadly, is standing down this year after many years on the Executive Committee. You will be missed by the forthcoming Committee, Jan. You are quiet but organised and a great worker for this Club and we thank you.

Glenys is away, but I must mention the work she has done in putting together an excellent format for the future member to follow for Publicity & Advertising for The Gardening on The Edge event. Glenys is standing down and we also thank her for her great effort.

In closing, I hope that the next twelve months brings many more fun Sip & Snips; well organised bus trips by Nancy, which are always most enjoyable; great friendship; good speakers, thanks to the one and only Harvey; and much to be learnt from one another about gardening.

My thanks to you all for your tolerance and support.

Marnie Trass – President

Hello from Marnie, your new President (2014-2015)

I am looking forward to a very interesting and eventful New Year. Harvey, I’m sure will have a line-up of guest speakers who will keep us informed and entertained. We are hoping to have some meetings outside of our regular venue and I look forward to letting you know where they will be. I must thank all of our members who generously offered their gardens for Sip and Snip last year, we enjoy our wander and cuppa, it is a very social time.

Happy Gardening in 2015
Marnie Trass