Garden 1

The garden which is dominated by two large bumpy ash trees has been established over the past six years and has slowly evolved with lots of cottage garden plants, natives and down in the back corner goes everything else.  Many of the plants are a result of cuttings from friends and forays into garden club member’s gardens.  As a bonus Ben will have his vintage cars on display for your enjoyment.

Garden 2

Over 26 different bird species, koalas, native bees, possums, echidnas and lizards visit “Hilldene” and seem to enjoy it as much as we do.  “Hilldene” is a “Garden for Wildlife” and from time to time kangaroos and wallabies can be seen over the back fence.  As you follow the paths, we hope that our garden leaves you contemplating what may be around the next corner.  Many older varieties of hibiscus and camellia have been here for more than thirty years and a Pseudo Bombax Elipticum is a rare sight for gardening enthusiasts.  There will be a coffee van on site.

Garden 3

This one acre property sits at the end of a quiet country lane, bordering onto farmland which gives a sense of space.  There are several large trees, one being a Tamarind which the property is named after.  A large Little Gem Magnolia which has far exceeded the three metre height advised when it was purchased.  The gardens surround the edge of the property and consists of native and cottage garden shrubs.  There is a variety of fruit trees along the back border.  The main area is allocated to open space lawn with a few gardens placed throughout, an area where we love to sit and observe the many, many birds that live in and around our property.  The CWA will be providing teas and lunches in this garden.

Garden 4

Heathberry Lakeside is a garden to wander through at leisure.  With paths and archways leading to the lake and a great variety of plants and trees.  Browse through the art studios and then walk down the driveway to the sculpture studio and forest area around the lake.  There are little bridges crossing to the islands for the adventurous.  Be prepared for tranquillity.

Garden 5

A rural style garden of 1 acre which includes several garden rooms; manicured hedges featuring a Helical Curve, a coffee tree hedge, vegetable garden, cottage/rose gardens and a rainforest area with a Balinese influence.  The garden will showcase our quirky attitude towards the unusual. Metal Art will feature throughout the garden and items will be available for sale.

Garden 6 

The owners bought this 4 acre property 15 years ago with only 4-5 mature trees on it at that time as the property was used for cattle grazing.  Having a “blank canvas”. The owners called in a landscape gardener to draw up plans for the area around the house as well as a simple sketch for the rest of the property.  Close to 800 rainforest seedlings were initially planted on both sides of the stream at the bottom of the garden, more were later added to other parts of the property to conform to the landscaper’s design which included expanses of lawn.  The original trees have grown to maturity and the garden hardly resembles the property that was first purchased.  At the rear of the house a stone wall was added which provides a pleasing view of the rear garden and lawns.  White and green have been chosen as the predominate colours in the front garden except for camellias that offer a variety of reds, pinks and pale lilac colours in the late autumn and winter months.  Seven Tropical Birches which have been planted, create an “avenue” to one of several small garden rooms at the rear while a number of clipped hedges create a pleasant formality to the garden.