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Life Member – Norma McLeod

Norma with the 2014 Gardening on the Edge display of Camellias in front of the 2014 Maleny Show feature “Year of the Small Farmer”. Made by Norma with Marie Hegerty one week earlier.

Norma is a holder of many positions, Membership Secretary, Club Hostess, Vice President, Treasurer for 4 years She is commended for her cakes and her ability as a flower steward and judge, for MGC and the Maleny Show. Her contributions to Floral Carpets and displays over the years is enormous.

From the Agenda of the 2010 AGM:  Another very active Club member over many years, Norma has been Past Treasurer, was a very hardworking member in the planning and organisation of the Spring & Autumn Fairs and also a member of the original Gardening on the Edge Committee. In addition, she has always been at Jo’s side selling raffle tickets and greeting visitors to our meetings.

Profile of Norma McLeod

If you have ever driven to the Witta Dump, then you have passed the immaculate, colourful garden of Norma and Keith McLeod. Keith ia a fourth generation Australian, but has the appearance of having just emerged from the heather on the hill, and is extremely proud of his charming wife and her achievements. To categorise Norma McLeod in a few words is almost impossible…

Quite achiever, gifted floral artist, ardent gardener, fabulous cook, maybe kind, modest, gifted would be a better way to start. So we will let Norma share her life with us in her own words (with help from her very proud husband Keith who proffered ‘bits n pieces’ that Norma was too modest to impart).

Q: Norma, everything has a beginning, and a childhood somewhere – so where was yours?
A: I was born in Cooroy and went to school in Cooroy and Pomona, and like a lot of country children rode my horse to school and sometimes walked the three miles (5km’s) each way but I never found it arduous, it was pleasant.

Q: And the years when you and Keith were ‘young marrieds’ and raised a family?
A: We lived at Mitchelton, Brisbane, for several years, we owned the garage on the corner of Blackwood and Samford Roads, and ironically were friends with a couple also in business, Jo and Lawrie Tedman who also retired to Maleny.

Q: And your fondest memories of holidays with Keith and the children?
A: We built our own holiday home at Angourie on the NSW North Coast. We didn’t have a lot of mod cons. We cooked on a kerosene stove but we all have marvellous memories of fishing, surfing and playing on the beach.

Q: And your garden in Brisbane?
A: Well I didn’t have quite the time that I now have, I always worked. After we sold the garage I did office work for 12 years for a big retailer in Brisbane, but I always grew flowers and the local florist always came to me for white flowers for bridal bouquets.

Q: Did you have any time for any of the clever crafty things that you do here in Maleny?
A: Well I always loved fancy work and smocking, and sewed all the clothes for the children and I continued to make children’s clothes when I came here to live. For many years, I made a batch of warm nightwear and tracksuits to send to my grandchildren in Scotland.

Q: Many of us have enjoyed your beautifully decorated cakes, how long have you been doing that?
A: Well, I’d do quite a lot of cakes in Brisbane. At one time we belonged to a Boat Club (of which we are now Life Members) and there were 75 members, so Keith and I decided it would be nice if, for Christmas, they each received a small decorated Christmas cake, so that year as well as all the cakes for the family I made one for each member of the Club.

Q: As a long standing member of the Maleny Garden Club what are some of your fondest memories?
A: I adored the two shows that we put on each year in the Community Centre – the Autumn Show and the Spring Festival.

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