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Life Member – Joyce Butterfield

Brian and Joyce Butterfield were the librarians for the years 1997/98 – 1998/99 – 1999/2000 – 2000/01 and 2001/02. a total of 5 years. They donated books to the library. Brian and Joyce were part of the initial Snippets editorial team.

Joyce presented a Friend and Foe segment in the monthly meetings. In association with this she provided hand drawn pictures of the insect friends and foes for Club meeting presentation, scrapbooks still exist. With the kind permission of Joyce Butterfield, these drawings and associated information have been reproduced here. Brian and Joyce also collected and arranged weed information fact sheets into a book for use in the Club library library.

Open Gardens, as part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme were held at Brian and Joyce’s home. They also hosted the Garden Club’s Autumn and Spring Fairs. Following these Club events funds were donated to the Garden Club in 1996, The Rural Fire Brigade in 1997 and the Lions Club in 2001.

Joyce and Brian appeared on ABC Gardening Australia in August 2011 with Colin Campbell who was the Butterfield’s close neighbour.

Joyce in their garden which was open on many occasions.

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