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No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.

March 1969

Dahlia Show and Floral Carpet: Drought seriously affected the number of entries in the Maleny Horticultural Society’s Dahlia show but the floral carpet, which is a feature of this show every year, was there as large and beautiful as ever. It was another tribute to the art of Mrs O. Thomas Snr and her assistants. This year it was oval shaped and made up mainly of dahlias in cleverly placed graduated shades of gold, yellow and flame and of white, pink, mauve and deep purple. The design was set on a background of green pine branchlets and outlined with golden gleams and green hydrangea florets.
[No photographic record of the carpet has been discovered.]

September 1969

The seventeenth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the home of Mr and Mrs P. Prentis Coral Street Maleny on 29 September.

Officers elected for 1969-1970 were:

    • President: E. Hawkins
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs Humphries and Mrs Rough
    • Secretary: T. Dunstan
    • Treasurer: D. Prentis