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No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.

February 1968

Dahlia Show and Floral Carpet: Mrs Thomas was the convenor of the carpet with the help of Mrs Lyon, Mrs Chafer, Mrs Dunstan, Mrs Wheatcroft, Mrs Penney, and Mrs Warne.

[No photographic record of the carpet has been discovered.]

September 1968

The sixteenth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held held in the home of Mr & Mrs G Chafer at Bald Knob.
Twenty five members were present.

Officers elected for 1968-1969 were:

    • Patron: J. H. Skerman
    • Junior Patron: Alan Webster
    • President: Mrs R. Penney
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs L. M. Rough & Mrs B. Humphries
    • Secretary: Mrs S. Dunstan
    • Treasurer: Mrs P. Prentis
    • Librarian: Mrs G. Chafer