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Floral Carpet Theme – Floral Clock – Autumn Fair 1966
Convenor/Designer Mrs O. Thomas

January 1966

Dahlia Show and Floral Carpet: The Secretary contacted the School of Arts to ask them to supply eight bags of cut pine for the floral carpet.
Mrs Thomas and Mrs Plucknett were nominated as convenors of the floral carpet. Offers to assist with the carpet came from Mesdames Humphries, Penney, G. & S. Cassells, Dunstan, Warne, Lowe, Wheatcroft, Musk and Brooker.

September 1966

The fourteenth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held in the John Perry Memorial Hall on 27 September.

Officers elected for 1966-1967 were:

    • Senior Patron: Mr J. H. Skerman
    • Junior Patron :Mr A. Webster
    • President: Mrs G. Chafer
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs E. Hawkins Mrs A. Plunkett
    • Secretary: Mrs W. Walker
    • Treasurer: Mrs W. Rough
    • Librarian: Mrs S. Cassells
    • Auditor: Mr P. Lyons