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March 1955

Floral Carpet at the Dahlia Show 
At the Dahlia Show in Maleny on Friday last the exhibit that commended admiration was the exquisite carpet which was exceedingly prominent in a full floral display that captured the appreciation of a large number of patrons in the Soldiers Hall. The function realised a profit of £126/6/6 donated to the School of Arts Building.

The Floral Carpet – 1955

Overall Results of the Flower Show

    • Champion Flower: (cactus): Mrs W Bergann.
    • Charm Dahlia: P Prentis.
    • Spike Dahlia; Miss J Gibson.
    • Bowl of flowers: Mrs R C Burnett.
    • Patrons Trophy: Mrs A Lockwood.

This is all after a cyclone had torn through the area dumping 28” of rain [approx. 720mm] in a few days.

September 1955

The third Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held in the Church of England Hall

Officers elected to serve until the AGM 1956:

    • Patron: Mr. J. H. Skerman,
    • President: Mr A. Lockwood,
    • Vice President: Mr A. Bergann,
    • Secretary: Mr R.C. Burnett,
    • Treasurer: Mrs D. Reid,
    • Auditor: Mr W. Petersen.

Voluntary work by 63 members in organising flower shows for public bodies has raised £240 said Mr Lockwood (President) at the third annual meeting of the Maleny Horticultural Society

Maleny Spring Fair

Excellent taste was displayed in the floral arrangement, said Mr G F R Nicklin M.L.A. Who officially opened the Maleny Spring Fair conducted by the Horticultural Society on Friday last. Total proceeds amounted to £89/1/9.