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September 1952

It was agreed to form a Club to be known as the MALENY DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY.
Present at that meeting were Mr Rixson Burnett, Mr Alan Lockwood, Mr Alan Webster, Mrs W Bergann, Mrs B J Nothling and Mrs Doris Waddell.


Four meetings were held in1952 in September, October, November and December, in the homes of Rixson & Peg Burnett, Mr Vic & Mrs Doris Waddell and at the Forestry Nursery at Beerwah.

Across these meetings presentations were provided on Dahlia culture in September and growing Orchids at the November meeting.

At a meeting held at the residence of Mr and Mrs R C Burnett on December 2 Gladioli were shown and judged by members.


It is thought (from discussions with Robin Webster) that the publicity provided to the Nambour Chronicle was provided by Mrs Ida Mitchell who was a member from the early days until the last mention of her in the mid 1960’s. It must have been her husband who offered to put together the Floral Carpet photos into an album.


Membership of the Society now totals 25.