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February 1954

A very interesting lecture was given by Mr A V Perrott of Brisbane on the cultivation of sweet peas.

September 1954

Maleny Ambulance Spring Fair.
The Spring Fair held on 12 September was notable for the number of entries (in excess of 500 according to the Nambour Chronicle):

Maleny Ambulance’s annual spring fair, held on Friday last, featured the most magnificent display of blooms ever shown in flower shows for years. The fair was opened by Mr. G. F. K. Nicklin, M.L.A. There was a record total of 516 entries. Nett proceeds amounted to approximately £120/-/. ($3,915.00 in todays $s)

In his speech, the judge (Mr Robinson) said it was the most outstanding display of flowers he had ever seen in a country town. All entries, especially the floral arrangements, were definitely fit for entry in larger fields of flower shows. [Source Nambour Chronicle]

[No photographic record of the Floral Carpet has been discovered.]

October 1954

Second Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the residence of Mr & Mrs Riordan at Witta

Officers elected for 1954-1955 were:

    • Patron: Mr J H Skerman
    • President: Mr A Lockwood
    • Vice President: Mrs V Waddell
    • Secretary: Mr R C Burnett
    • Treasurer: Mr P Prentis
    • Auditor: Mr W Peterson
A Group of Society Members: From left to right: Rixon Burnett, Aubrey Bergann, Phil Prentis, Alan Lockwood. Thought to have been taken in Aubrey Bergann’s garden.
1954 – inaugural Horticultural Society picnic