Garden 7

Lucas Parklands

Ian & Lee Lucas 

A search for a setting to combine the beauty of music, gardens and rainforest. The potential of our property was immediately evident but no garden or natural environment can be in balance whilst infested with lantana and our land was being strangled. We were aware of a creek, rock formations, waterfalls large and small that sprayed water in the wet season and a thousand other delights. All this on our thirty acres!!

The property was named Lucas Parklands in anticipation of what we could create. The lantana was pulled out by the roots piece by piece. It revealed its secrets, figs, cycads, palms and many plants we didn’t recognise. Whilst constructing our first music room we began the job of transferring our land into the park we dreamt it could be. Now the garden is under control we devote our energy into creating a second music room of a quality suited to attract both international artists and the younger professional performer. We will build a studio in which to record their music.

It’s our intention to maintain the balance of our rainforest, protect our special ecosystem whilst providing a beautiful venue for artists and guests to enjoy. The Hinterland environment and its artistic mindset is an ideal location.

“Jazz in June” 

Lucas Parklands 

Saturday 12th June 7pm 

Gwyn Roberts and Jenni Fleming will perform a concert including Jazz and best loved classics in the home of Ian & Lee Lucas 

Jenni studied piano in London and America and Gwyn is a Churchill Fellow and cello virtuoso. 

They are developing a program especially for this special weekend. 

Bookings: please contact 

Lucas Parklands 5478 5667 

Lee 0403 958 798 


Open Garden 

Saturday 12th June 10am-4pm 

Sunday 13th June 10am-4pm 

Devonshire tea, sausage sizzle and cold drinks available.