Garden 1

Our Green Haven

Lisa & Kevin Plucknett

Welcome to Blue Wren Cottage where camellias and magnolias flourish. 

In our small front garden we have followed the cottage theme. We start off with an archway, and a camellia hedge, behind which you will find winding pathways, and garden beds filled with a profusion of flowers ( unless we decide to go sustainable and fill the front gardens with winter vegetables.) Beyond the winding pathways another archway leads to the breakfast courtyard, enclosed by a blue picket fence

In our back garden we have followed a more formal theme. An avenue of clipped camellias, leads down to a quincunx, (four formal garden beds with a centrepiece.) Pathways curved garden beds and a jasmine covered archway lead into small shady bowers, one with a swinging love seat on a fan shaped paved area. Here, one will find fuchsias, hydrangeas, hippeastrums, agapanthus, coleus, bromeliads, and day lilies, although not all in flower during the winter months.

On our southern boundary, we have a second entrance to our garden, bordered by giant pine trees. On the slope down to the pines, we have a flourishing microclimate garden. Under an umbrella of native trees, we have planted more camellias, azaleas, iris, ferns, and tree begonias. The southern side gives access both front and back to our neighbour’s equally charming garden. (and it is near the rear gate to the neighbours that one will find Kevin’s consuming passion, “The Track Shack” complete with model village and a network of tracks and trains.)

As we love deciduous trees, the tropical birch and liquid ambers will be devoid of leaves, but we planted these trees, so that we have shady bowers in the summer and dappled sunny areas in the winter, and the liquid ambers provide a wonderful tapestry of bare branches against the skyline. Over our back fence on the eastern side, we look onto grassy slopes, with herds of grazing cattle and goats in the distance. Welcome to our paradise.