Garden 2


Kerri & Mikkel welcome you to their garden “Blomsterhaven” – The flower garden (my husband is Danish). Since arriving here three years ago, we have found great joy in continuing in the spirit of the previous owners. The majestic palms have grown even taller and the jacaranda has spread its branches to provide a delightful canopy. We have an open style front garden with sloping lawns bordered by stone rimmed beds containing a profusion of flowering annuals and perennials, salvia, daisies, lions tails, dahlias, iris’, begonias and geraniums plus trees and shrubs. The camellias will be in full bloom but alas the flowering cherries and peaches will have to wait.

On our elevated northern side, we have established a sustainable vegetable garden that supplements our table. This garden is lined with passionfruit and a variety of grape vines. We also have three speckled brown hens, Muffin, Crumpet and Pikelet that roam freely and alas, cause havoc in the back garden (but we persist and enjoy the delicious free range eggs they supply).

Our two boys enjoy their new tree house set high in the avocado tree in the back garden overlooking the citrus trees and azalea bushes. Our rear patio is lined with a Wisteria vine and surrounded by herbaceous borders where we spend many happy hours sipping refreshments and gazing over the rolling hills of Maleny Dairies.

My parents, retired farmers from the south, fly north for the winter where they have spent many an hour cultivating and sustaining my lovely garden. They deserve an honorary mention for all their hard work and support.

Looking forward to seeing you all

Kerri & Mikkel
11 Walkers Drive
Maleny 4552