Garden 4


About our Garden 

Margaret & Peter Owens

We purchased Garth in February 2000. Previously the land was used for grazing cattle on which there were 5 trees on the 4 acres. Initially we fell in love with the house knowing that we could put our own stamp on it. The land though was much more of a challenge especially dealing with its slope and the huge effort required to keep the weeds at bay.

A landscaper was invited to design the top ¾ acre around the house and later together with the same landscaper we worked out a plan for the rest of the property. Barung Landcare who was then consulted donated 400 rainforest trees at first and then another 100 the next year. Since then over 600 more rainforest trees have been planted. Following planting of the rainforest that commenced in August 2000 we went into 10 weeks of drought with precipitation the only water.

Developing and planting on the top ¾ acre commenced in November of 2000. It has proved to be a bonus having an almost clear landscape to design a garden and we benefitted by seeking professional advice in its development. The rainforest has developed well in the 9yrs with some trees now reaching in excess of 15m in height. The blue quandong and red cedars especially have forged ahead. The garden around the house has also developed well. Of interest is the horseshoe garden. The entrance, lined with tropical birches hide an immediate view of the garden inside but entices the visitor on. The owners like the expanse of green lawns and stately trees so, have largely restricted any colours to green and white.

Margaret Owens