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Annual General Meeting 2006

At the fifty-fourth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers the Officers elected for 2006-2007 were:

    • Patron: Alan Webster
    • President: Sandra Slack
    • Secretary Correspondence: Jodie Rowan- Robins- and Marie Williams
    • Secretary Minutes: Andrea Long
    • Treasurer: Philip Myring
    • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Myring
    • Gardening on the Edge Organiser: Margaret Harper
    •  Publicity and Snippets Editor:  Lisa Plucknett and Margaret Harper
    • Auditor: Davis Bromet
    • Committee Members: Diana Begbie, Kay Eastmure, Margaret Harper, Tina Maller, Lisa Plucknett, Pam Linnett, Trevor McCleary and Harry Rowland

Non-Elected Positions

    • Librarian: Rhonda Whiting:
    • New Members Hostess: Tina Maller
    • Catering Officer Terry Rowan