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Floral Carpet Theme – A Tropical Paradise– Autumn Flower Show 2004
No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.
This was last Floral Carpet before the Gardening on the Edge event began.

September 2004

The fifty second Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the Masonic Hall, Maleny on 28 September.

Officers elected for 2004-2005 were:

    • President: Peter Golledge
    • Vice President: Sandra Slack
    • Secretary Minutes: No nomination Sandra Slack accepted
    • Secretary Correspondence: Gillian McLeod
    • Assistant Secretary: Sandra Slack
    • Treasurer: Philip Myring
    • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Myring
    • Committee: Jo Tedman Margaret Owens Ivy Cox Gillian McLeod Norma McLeod Rosemary Simmons Tina Maller Margaret Harper

Other Positions

    • Publicity Officer: Margaret Harper
    • Bus Trip Organiser: Sandra Slack
    • Snippets Editor: Margaret Owens and Margaret Harper
    • Librarian: Bev Brown
    • Membership Secretary: Norma McLeod

Membership Fees: Norma McLeod explained that that as our membership fees do not cover operating expenses and moved that, we raise the fee to $15.00 single and $25.00 couple from the next financial year (end July 2005). Margaret Harper seconded this.