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Floral Carpet Theme – Tall Ship – Autumn Fair 1988
No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.

January 1988

Autumn Fair: It was agreed that the design for the floral carpet would be a tall ship – The New Endeavour. Hydrangeas, dahlias and marigolds, will be required and cut pine as usual. Members were asked to think about other themes with Floral settings.

Mrs Hazel Heading, Mrs Dulcie Musk and Mrs Ann Keleher will provide a raffle for the stall. There will also be a raffle at the door.

Catering by CWA | 50c entrance fee Friday 10.00am until 4.30pm, 20c entrance fee Saturday 9.00am till 11.00am.

It was decided to bring the carpet closer to the front of Hall. Range Nursery to be contacted  for display and sale of plants. Everyone to bring a bowl of flowers or a pot plant.

Mrs Sylvia McNall spoke on preparation of flowers. Pick early morning or late in the evening. Leave in water in the shade of trees (not in a room). Dip Dahlias in hot water 10 seconds and then in cold water. Put Hydrangea heads in water cut through wood stem if possible – smash ends. Maidenhair, poppies – burn stems. (1 teaspoon sugar or one tablespoon lemonade in container helps them to last).

It was felt that the Autumn Fair was a colourful display and a financial success for the Community Centre.

April 1988

Autumn Fair: Money from this totalled $393.86. It was sent to Community Centre, – of this $87.00 from the door, $48.00 from raffle at the door, Stall $131.00, $51.00 from raffle at stall, $15.00 from sale of goods from Range Country Nursery, $5.06 from voting for arrangements.

September 1988

Spring Fair: Held in the Community Hall on Friday 9 September raising $334.04 for the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade (QATB). Entries were down in all sections. The rain had spoilt some of the blooms. The only entries in the Floral Art were by Mrs Phil Waters and Miss Sylvia McNall. There were a few very good specimens in the Cut Flowers.

There was spirited discussion re the poor support of the Spring Fair. It was proposed that it not be held next year. Mrs Nell Guthrie defended holding it. She said the Ambulance was very pleased with our contribution. Mrs Olga Webster considered we should try again next year. When put to the vote the majority agreed to hold it again next year.

The thirty sixth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held in the RSL Hall on 27 September.

Officers elected for 1988-1989 were:

    • Patron: Mr Alan Webster
    • President: Mrs Phyl Waters (subject to her approval)
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs Thalia Skerman and Mr Jim Hitchings
    • Secretary: Mrs Eileen Harrison
    • Treasurer: Mrs Edna Hawkins
    • Assistant Treasurer: Mrs Maisie Cassells
    • Auditor: Mr Peter Peterson
    • Publicity Officer: Mrs Thalia Skerman