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I was sorry to have to postpone the Autumn Fair, the weather at that time of the year was not kind to us, the dahlias were not around for us to do the usual carpet for this day and certainly none around for competitions. (Hilda Penny, President 1986)

BOM records show that a total of 116mm of rain (53-63mm in January-February with 103mm in March) fell in the first three months of 1986.
The weather was obviously too hot and dry for the dahlias!

January 1986

A special meeting was held to discuss the Rules and Constitution. Changes were made as follows:

    • Membership to be 50c, Insurance $1.00.
    • 10% of memberships to be necessary for a quorum.
    • Voting to be by show of hands or by secret ballot on request of 3 members.
    • All members to supply their own cup, chair and plate of food.
    • No plants etc to be taken from garden of hostess except by permission of hostess.
    • Provision was made for sale of plants etc by guest speakers, hostesses.
    • The giving of a silver vase was deleted, trophy instead.
    • Badges or flowers to be worn by members to meetings.
    • Ownership of potted plants to be three months and cut flowers to be grown by exhibitors. Flowers for Floral Art may be purchased.
    • Wet weather meetings being left to discretion of hostess, if no provision for meeting the decision shall be left to the President and hostess with a Hall being used if necessary.
    • Annual Meetings shall now be held in a Hall.

February 1986

Autumn Fair: After much discussion it was decided that owing to the severe dry conditions and the lack of flowers the Autumn Fair be cancelled,

A suggestion was put forward to run a bigger and better Spring Fair with proceeds divided between Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade (QATB) and the Hall Committee. To this suggestion a member of QATB and the Hall Committee were invited to attend the next meeting to discuss this proposal.

March 1986

Spring Fair: The proposal to include both organisations (Ambulance & Hall Committee) in the Spring Fair was discussed and it was suggested that we may even amalgamate the Autumn Fair.

September 1986

The thirty fourth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the RSL Hall on 23 September.

Officers elected for 1986-1987 were:

    • Patron: A. Webster
    • President: Mrs P. Waters
    • Senior Vice President: Mr J. Hitchins
    • Junior Vice President: Mrs T. Skerman
    • Secretary: Mrs E. Harrison
    • Treasurer: Mrs E. Hawkins

Spring Fair: Since no help came from QATB or Hall Committee the feeling of the meeting was it would be good idea to think of doing a floral display for some other worthy cause in the town. Mrs Hawkins reported that the QATB and Hall Committees would have received half each of about $350.00.

After doing the books for both Autumn Fair and Spring Fair for 16 years Mrs Armstrong will not be continuing.

October 1986

After discussion it was decided to hold the Autumn Show in 1987 and not the Spring Fair as it was felt that so many shows are held in the Spring. It was decided to continue with the carpet and members were urged to plant dahlias and marigolds. It was suggested that a variety of themes using flowers be presented as well.

November 1986

Autumn Flower Show, 1987: The members were enthusiastic about holding the Autumn Show and Mrs Peg Burnett agreed to arrange the Floral carpet. The Show will be held on Friday 20 March 1987. The entrance fee to be 50c, school children 10c and others free. The proceeds to go to the Community Centre and this Hall to be booked for Thursday 19 and 20 March.

There was much discussion regarding whether the usual flower show be held but the loss of our three experienced stewards Del McDonald, Daisy and Barbara Armstrong would make it difficult to hold this. Instead flower arrangements, perhaps illustrating nursery rhymes, could be used with the public judging the best entry by putting a small coin in a saucer in front of the exhibit. A wheelbarrow full of flowers could be a feature and cut flowers could be sold. There would be the usual stall of goods for sale and perhaps a display of pot plants.

Nearby garden clubs and Gary Ord of the ABC would be notified of the event.