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Floral Carpet Theme – Song Titles – 1983
No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.

January 1983

A Floral Hat competition for the Autumn Fair was discussed, with hats to be modelled and judged by popular vote. A plant stall was planned to be held at Paddy’s Market with doors opening at 9.30am. Segments for Song Titles at the Autumn Fair to be approximately 4”x 3′. Society to try and get school children involved in the Spring Fair on 16th September.

March 1983

The Autumn Fair
Waltzing Matilda by Peg Burnett, Olga Webster and helpers was very well done and the stage really looked the part. Red Sails in the Sunset by V. Dougherty and helpers was very colourful and well done. With this Ring I thee Wed was cleverly done by Vi Engle and it entailed many hours of work,  My Garden by J. Hahn and D. Ensbey was very pretty and well thought out. Only a Rose by S. McNoll was a dainty segment and the roses were lovely. White Christmas by D. & B. Armstrong and helpers entailed quite a lot of work and looked very festive even to the snow. Aint Gonna Rain No More by T. Dunstan and helpers was made from all dried material arrangements, driftwood etc, Even a dead buffalo lay aside the waterhole. We all feel proud of our work which took several hours and do hope the public enjoyed our efforts.

August 1983

Noted in the Minutes of the August meeting was the decision to send a card of sympathy to the family of Mrs Bergann, one of our founding members.

September 1983

Our President Mr Phil Prentis welcomed the guest speaker, visitors and members to our Annual Meeting and apologised for the weather and the change of venue. He called for a minutes silence remembering Mrs Bergann and her sterling work as one of our Founding Members, and whose garden was the scene of many happy meetings.

The thirty first Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the CWA Rooms on 27 September.

Officers elected for 1983-1984 were:

    • President: Mr P. Prentis
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs T. Skerman and Mrs H. Penney
    • Treasurer: Mrs E. Hawkins
    • Secretary: Mrs A. Jeremy
    • Bus Convenor: Mrs E. Hawkins
    • Patron: Mr A. Webster
    • Library: Mrs B. Armstrong

Spring Fair
T. Skerman reported on the Spring Fair and the fact that entries were down. She also congratulated new members on the support given. The Ambulance benefited by approx. $200.00