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Floral Carpet Theme – Commonwealth Games – Autumn Fair 1982
No photographic record of the floral carpet has been discovered.

January 1982

The Autumn Fair and its segments were fully discussed and Mrs P. Burnett had quite a lot of information on the Games ideas which is to be our theme. Many members offered their assistance with arrangements etc representing the various countries. President took list of names, countries etc.

March 1982

Autumn Fair and Floral Carpet Description

The Floral carpet featuring a map of the world, with Australia to the fore, had each country invited to the Games marked with a red flower and a name tag. Accessories such as Scottish Tartan, the Queen’s portrait, a Welsh dragon, the Union Jack, combined with beautiful roses, a green arrangement for Northern Ireland, a symbol for the Isle of Man and other floral arrangements made the display for the British Isles very attractive. A tiger was in the Indian display, Nigeria was in tones of red and black with ebony elephants and black snakes, Tonga had coral shells and tropical flowers as did Fiji. Malaysia and New Guinea with abundance of fruits and flowers. Canada featured red and white with the Maple leaf scattered about.New Zealand had a Maori whare, Ferns and toi-toi grass to set the scene, while the Falkland Islands had beautiful scenery with symbolic snow.

The Autumn Fair staged by the Maleny Horticultural Society was a success and all profits went to the Maleny Community Centre. The theme of the day was the Commonwealth Games, and advertising posters and other items showed many of the sports to be played at the games. The new Brisbane logo was centrepiece of the stage decorations, surrounded by greenery, reminding everyone that Brisbane is host city for the Games.

Other community members were also there to help raise funds for the Community centre, the Arts and Crafts group held a stall, the CWA ladies served lunch, and Centre Committee members held stalls and also arranged to have Matilda, the Games kangaroo visit the Hall, when the various groups of primary children were brought to see the displays.

Commonwealth Games buttons and balloons were handed out. Matilda also entertained Friday morning shoppers as she strolled up and down the street, accompanied by a charmingly dressed young lady, who handed out sprays of flowers to all.

[Source Nambour Chronicle]

September 1982

The thirtieth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at Mary Cairncross Park on 28 September.

Officers elected for 1982-1983 were:

    • Patron: Mr Alan Webster
    • President: Mr Phil Prentis
    • Vice Presidents: Mrs T. Skerman, Mrs A Hawkins
    • Secretary: Mrs T. Dunstan (resigned May – Ann Jeremy acting Secretary)
    • Assistant Secretary: Mrs Ann Jeremy
    • Treasurer: Mrs E. Hawkins
    • Librarian
    • Publicity Officer: Mrs T. Dunstan
    • Bus Trip Convenor :Mrs E Hawkins

Presidents Report
President Phil Prentis gave a comprehensive report for the year’s activities, remembering our first three officer bearers of 30 years ago, the late Alan Lockwood, our first President, Rixson Burnett first Secretary and Alan Webster first Treasurer. For many years now Alan is still our Patron while Rixson still remains a member. Our association is proud of such loyal members.

Maleny as the Open Garden City – Community in Action
Maleny people will be asked to rally behind a campaign to make the area the Garden City of the Sunshine Coast.The Maleny Horticultural Society has formed a steering committee to gain support for the idea. Committee Secretary Peter Parnell said a public meeting would be held at the Maleny CWA rooms on December 9. The main aim would be to elect a Maleny and District Beautification Committee to co-ordinate the campaign. It would take on a similar format to the successful ‘Shine on Brisbane’ promotion. He said steering committee members were also busy sorting out entries in a slogan and jingle competition. “We are looking for something along the lines of ‘Help Maleny Blossom’” Mr Parnell said. The slogan was not to contain more than six words and entries closed on Tuesday. Mr Parnell said the idea to beautify the area had been ‘evolving’ for some time and committee President Warwick Spencer had been a major force in launching the project. “We mainly want people to take the effort to make the area more attractive. Hopefully, it will also produce a greater community interest and involvement” he said.

[Source Nambour Chronicle]

October 1982

Floral Art Workshop
A workshop for Floral Art was discussed and thoughts that perhaps once a fortnight afternoon may be feasible. Ideas should be brought to the next meeting with a view to getting this project off the ground. Anyone interested would be welcome to attend.

November 1982

Beauty Plan Takes Shape
“Community plans to step up a beautification program in Maleny and district are continuing with the formation of a steering committee under the auspices of the Maleny Horticultural Society. The group has called a meeting for December 9 to be held at 7.30pm in the CWA room. Committee chairman is Warwick Spencer and other members are Peter Parnell, John Gibson, Topsy Dunstan and Edna Hawkins. All members of the public interested in improving the Maleny area in this way are invited to attend. Following the success of the “Shine on Brisbane” campaign it was decided to have a competition to find a suitable slogan. Prizes will be given for the final two choices of the steering committee and a final decision will be made at the December meeting. It is hoped schoolchildren in particular will take interest in thinking up a slogan of up to six words, based on the theme of making Maleny more beautiful. Entries should be placed in the news box at the Supa Valu store by midday on December 7, with name and address”.

[Source Nambour Chronicle]