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Floral Carpet theme – With a Song in my Heart – Autumn Flower Show 1998

January 1998

Treasurer Norma gave us a total of monies subscribed to local charities in the years 1991-1997. This was the grand total of $38,207. The announcement met with great enthusiasm. We felt a glow of satisfaction from this result.

February 1998

Honorary Life membership for Eileen Harrison was suggested.

March 1998

Distribution of funds from the Autumn Flower Show:

    • Community Centre $1,000.00
    • Hospital Auxiliary (curtains) $500.00
    • Cancer Research $100.00
    • MS Research $100.00
    • Motor Neurone $100.00
    • RSL Hanging Baskets $100.00
    • $500.00 to be kept for storage at Community Hall
    • $500.00 to be kept for library usage

It was suggested we approach the Council about space for our club’s books. The old butcher shop might be able to be considered. It was moved that $500.00 be held for Library Project.

June 1998

Open Gardens at the Spring Fair: Gardens opened:

    • Shirley Hollonds Stanley River Road
    • Marianne &andJohn Parry TreeHaven Way
    • Lorna McMillan Off Kenilworth Road Maleny
    • Di & Bill Hall Stanley River Road Maleny
    • Joyce & Brian Butterfield 26 Nadi Lane Maleny

Future of the Spring Fair: Shirley advised the meeting that we would have a vote at the next meeting on whether we continue with two fairs a year or combine them and possibly have a friendship day. There were many views but no decision. At the following General Meeting a vote was held with the following results:

    • 26 votes for Option 3: Autumn Fair and Friendship Day
    • 6 votes for Option 2: Autumn Flower Show only
    • 2 votes for Option 1:  Current System.

It was decided in a clear majority of those present to proceed with Option 3,

The forty sixth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the Maleny Community Centre on 29 September.

Officers elected for 1998-1999 were:

    • President: Di Hall
    • Vice President: Richard Bradley
    • Secretary: Val Bengston
    • Assistant Secretary: Gillian McLeod
    • Treasurer: Norma McLeod
    • Assistant Treasurer: Val Rickaby
    • Committee: Thalia Skerman, Viv Carey, Malcolm Price, Janet Lutje, Gerry Morley, Gwen Cosgrove, Marianne Parry, Nancy Schafer, Jo Tedman, Molly Cock, Margaret Stevenson.

From the President’s Report:: We are very sad to have lost two of our Life Members this year. Edna Hawkins was Treasurer of the Club for many years. Eileen Harrison was a very popular and hardworking member and has been missed on the plant stall at the Fairs already. We wish three of our members better health in the New Year. Yvonne has been so efficient with the arrangements of our venues, bus tripos and guest speakers, any one of which is quite a task. Thalia is another of our Life Members and has been one of our longest members, and also Gwen. We wish a better year for you all.

October 1998

Distribution of Funds from the Spring Fair: Money available for distribution from Spring Fair was $2,118.60. Allocations were as follows:

    • Community Centre $1,000.00
    • School Activity Centre $360.00
    • Qld Ambulance Service $500.00
    • Hospital Auxiliary $250.00
    • Total $2,110.00

It was moved that $250.00 be allocated towards a lapel microphone. Brian Rickaby to be approached about this. Malcolm Price wished thought be given to this as it is sometimes very hard to hear the guest speakers.