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Floral Carpet theme – Flowers through our Heritage – Autumn Flower Show 1995
Based on the Waltzing Matilda Centenary
 Designer Pat Powell

Backdrop to the Floral Carpet

January 1995

Carolyn Clark reported on the work that she and her Management Committee have been doing to organise the Autumn Flower Show and listed these sections to Fair:

    • Cottage Garden – Old Fashion Parlour – Seven Little Australians – Old Style Kitchen – Old Fashion Wedding Bouquets
    • History of Maleny – Entrance to Hall depicting Waltzing Matilda – Carpet theme, also Waltzing Matilda
    • Old Farming Implements – Tussie Mussie
    • Commission 20% on consignment stall – Work stall – Plant stall and cutting stall – Plant clinic – Demonstrations
    • Pot Pourri and rug making.
    • The raffle is a patchwork quilt, of a Log Cabin design made by Robyn Conroy and her band of Garden Club helpers.

Carolyn put it to members that it will be a great event and it may be a good idea to have an opening night on 15 March with wine and cheese night to celebrate the opening. This motion was accepted with all members in favour.

April 1995

Promotion of Donations to Local Organisations: President Pat Powell opened this meeting in Maple Street on the footpath in front of the Community Centre. The reason for this being the presentation of three cheques which were received by three local organisations.

    • Mrs Joy Marshall received cheque for $4,550.00.on behalf of the Maleny Community Hall.
    • Mr Scott Battersby received cheque for $1,300.00 on behalf of the Rural Fire Brigade.
    • Mrs Lol Klein received cheque for $650.00 on behalf of the Maleny Neighbour Centre,

All this money was raised during our Autumn Flower Show in March 1995. Photos were taken by local Range News for publication in our local paper.

July 1995

The forty third Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held in the Maleny Community Scout Hall on 29 August.

Officers elected for 1995-1996 were:

    • President: Shirley Hollonds
    • Secretary: Evan Jones
    • Vice Presidents: Moyra Jones and Leonie Loch
    • Assistant Secretary: Val Bengston
    • Coach Convenor: Carolyn Clark
    • Catering Convenor: Charmaine Boucher
Honorary Member, Colin Campbell, with microphone in hand.

September 1995

Our constitution allows another type of member to join our fold, that of Honorary Member. We recognise someone who willingly shares with us his knowledge both horticulturally and media wise. May we bestow on Colin Campbell, Honorary Membership. Our Congratulations.

October 1995

Distribution of proceeds of the Spring Fair: It was realised that our membership fees no longer covered the cost of running the Club. It was recommended that we keep $400.00 in reserve and distribute $2,300.00 as follows

    • Community Centre $1,610.00
    • Palliative Care $460.00
    • RSL $230.00

Questionnaire: A questionnaire is to be prepared by the committee and sent to the members to see what they want from our Club.