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Floral Carpet theme – Colours of the Rainbow – Autumn Fair 1993
Designer and Leader Di Hall

January 1993

Autumn Fair: After some discussion Ideas for the floral carpet were put forward. It was decided the theme would be the ‘Rainbow’, The carpet will be on the floor and at given points out from the rainbow would be a display of each colour.  Members were asked to volunteer to be a leader of a particular colour and they in turn to enlist the help of three other members. The colours and leaders were:

    • Red: Peg Burnett
    • Orange: Myra Jones
    • Yellow: Thelma Martin
    • Green: Corinne Taylor
    • Violet: June Crane
    • Outside decoration to Hall and shops: Shirley Hollonds, Elsie Elias and Helen Dodd

February 1993

Post Office Box: It was agreed that the Maleny Garden Club should have a post office box of its own. This was organised and its number is still in use today. (563)

March 1993

Autumn Fair: $2300.00 be donated to Community Hall, 

For many, many years the Maleny Garden Club members have had a floral carpet as a feature of their Autumn Fair. Have you ever seen a carpet design repeated? The members have always managed a different design each year. They have done it again.

Despite the constant rain and wind of the past two weeks the Maleny Garden Club once more created a fragrant and eye catching display for their Autumn Fair Floral Carpet. While most gardens were battered, bedraggled and waterlogged from the effects of Cyclone Roger, members managed to collect a vast array of blooms and greenery to use in the display.

[Source: The Range News 12 March 1993]

July 1993

Incorporation: Shirley Hollonds put to the meeting to accept Model Rules for incorporation. There was a vote and this was accepted. A Special Resolution was put to meeting concerning Section 8, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Model Rules. Both were put to the meeting and accepted.

August 1993

The forty first Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held in the Blue Room at the Community Hall.

Officers elected for 1993-1994 were:

    • President: Pat Powell
    • Vice Presidents: Val Bengston and Carolyn Clark
    • Secretary: Helen Dodd
    • Assistant Secretary: Joan Skerman
    • Treasurer: Lyn McGrath
    • Assistant Treasurer: Shirley Hollonds
    • Publicity Officer: Ivy Cox
    • Guest Speaker and Venues Officer: Bev Campbell
    • Spring and Autumn Fair Organisers: June Crane, Helen Dodd, Jean Skerman
    • Artistic Design Officer: Carolyn Clark, Robyn Conroy, Di Hall, Lyn McGrath, Leonie Lock
    • Catering Officer: Shirley Hollonds
    • Transport and Bus Organiser: Di Hall

September 1993

Spring Fair: $1,100.00 to be paid to Maleny Ambulance being the net proceeds of the Spring Fair.

Members of the Maleny Garden Club invite you to join in the ‘Fun of the Fair’ today Friday September 10 and Saturday September 11 and help raise funds for the local Ambulance. The extra funds raised allow the Officers to obtain extra equipment that make their job easier and therefore lives safer.

The Fair is an old-fashioned show put on by people with a love of gardening and the world around us, so come and see what local people can produce from the soil.

[Source: Unknown]

October 1993

Incorporation: Shirley Hollonds was elected as Incorporating Officer for 1993/94. The President asked members again if they wished to be incorporated, All members agreed. Joyce Ferguson proposed that the Maleny Garden Club be incorporated and Bev Campbell seconded, carried unanimously.

Raffles: At the General meeting in October it was noted that Jo Tedman would be responsible for the raffles, Previously all raffle prizes were donated by the members with each member taking a turn. There were always some good plants, orchids and sometimes shortbread biscuits. Jo subsequently organised the raffles for the next 14 years!

Loudspeaker and Microphone: It was proposed that Club have a microphone made so voices can be heard properly. Pat and Joyce offered the services of their ‘ham radio’ husbands.

Preparation for the Autumn Fair 1994: The days of event were changed to a Thursday and Friday making the dates for 1994 Thursday 17 and Friday the 18 September 1994. It was proposed that the name of the event be changed to Maleny Autumn Flower Show. Members voted for the theme for carpet to be A Cow with Welcome to Maleny.

November 1993

Garden Club Supports Local Ambulance
On Tuesday October 26 Maleny Garden Club Patron Alan Webster handed to Dan Statham and Robyn Newton from the Ambulance Committee, a cheque for $2,100.00 being proceeds from the recent Spring Fair. Alan thanked members for the hard work put into the Fair and Dan thanked them for the donation and assured everyone that the money would be put to good use.

The meeting was held in the home of Lyn and Bill McGrath and the setting was just perfect for a garden club meeting with the sound of running water from the Obi Creek and the sound of birds was very conducive to he atmosphere. Lyn and Bill are thanked also for their kind invitation to hold the next meeting there which will be the Christmas one, the last of the year, more about this meeting in the next issue. Margaret Allan gave a talk on geraniums and Pelargoniums and displayed many different types of the wonderful variety in these plants. Margaret’s knowledge comes from years of studying and of trial and error gardening and for someone who says that she is not an expert on this subject she would surely be able to write a book.

It was very nice to say hello to Barbara White from Brisbane, This talented lady and Olive enjoyed themselves very much and it is hoped they can come again to another meeting. Joyce Butterfield gave a talk on the Goodies and Baddies in the garden and will be the presenter on these subjects at further meetings. Owen (Evan?) Jones spoke of the Backhousia family of plants. These good people are thanked for their time and effort, it was very much appreciated by members. The next Autumn Fair was discussed and the new concept will be a challenging one for members. Committees for different areas of the display have already been at work and many ideas put forward.

[Source: The Range News]