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February 1975

Autumn Fair and Floral Carpet: Mesdames Plucknett, McDonald and Webster brought Pine and dahlias and marigolds were provided for the floral carpet.,
[No photographic record has been discovered.]

Floral Art Classes: The first Floral Art class was held on 3 March and was based on the using of driftwood.

September 1975

The twenty third Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Webster at Wootha on 30 September.

Officers elected were:

    • President: E. Hawkins
    • Vice Presidents: T. Dunstan and D. McDonald
    • Treasurer: V. Engle
    • Secretary: J Falkenhagen

October 1975

Spring Fair: The annual Spring Fair staged by the Maleny Horticultural Society in conjunction with the Ambulance Committee again proved a great success. In spite of the recent bad weather, there were good entries in the cut flower section and also in all the floral art sections. The Ambulance Ladies Committee conducted a number of successful stalls, and also supplied lunch.