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Autumn Fair cancelled due to incessant rain.

February 1971

Autumn Fair and Floral Carpet: A decision was made to cancel this event due to incessant rain. BOM records show that 1432mm of rain fell in the first 3 months of 1971. Despite the rain the Society came to the assistance of the sub-branch in organising floral displays at the Tiny Tots Affair.

September 1971

The nineteenth Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held at the home of Mrs L. M. Rough in Cedar Street.

Officers elected for 1971-1972 were:

    • Patron: A. Webster
    • President: T. Dunstan
    • Secretary: S. Miller
    • Treasurer: L. Wheatcroft
    • Vice Presidents: A. Hawkins and F. Knight

Spring Fair

Maleny’s Spring Fair ’71 sponsored by the Maleny and District Horticultural Society in aid of the Maleny Ambulance Centre was opened at 10.30am with stalls and floral displays. Good entries were received, resulting in a delightful showing of flowers, and the art of arranging them.

The evening program opened with the whittling display (a collection of wood whittling and carving) the work of Mr Jim Hall.

This work had to be seen to be believed, as many of the items are intriguing contraptions of balls in cages, rings captive on other rings, all carved from one piece of wood. Jim had carved spirals, and spirals in spirals, some of them moveable in opposite directions, fascinating mobiles combining all of these and other ingenious devices. Mr Hall conducted his display and commentary several times during the evening.

Community singing, choral items by the Maleny CWA, an hilarious display of mock modelling by the Maleny Rural Youth, a cent auction of the aprons, cushion covers and other needlework exhibited in the competitive section of the Fair also featured.

There was a very “mock” wedding by the Maleny Apex Club, two solos by Mrs A. Dutton, a humorous sketch by the CWA, and a one act play produced, directed and narrated by Mrs Beryl Johnstone completed the evening programme.

November 1971

The passing of Mr J.H. Skerman, First Patron of the Society and Life Member:
Moved H Penney seconded Mrs Bergann that we continue to have the J. H. Skerman trophy (our life patron) as Mr Skerman had passed away recently. It will be known as the J. H. Skerman Memorial Trophy.