Garden 1


Brian & Joy Butterfield

Brian and I moved from Brisbane to Maleny in 1992 and purchased this 5,058m² (1¼ acre) with the house and some landscaping already done. It was enough to inspire us to further develop the garden. We began by adding a bore for extra water and a shed to house the equipment required for the added garden.

Steps cross the upper level, a garden along the retaining wall and of course a pond, just the beginning. Then more ideas materialised and we erected arches, to add to one already here, with the banksias and alba rose growing over it. We planted a solanum jasminoides over one and a cottage rose over the other arch near the house.

Brian also erected the rose arbour with the Pinkie and Renae roses, another arch with a seat under it and Mandevilla vines over it and one behind the shed with the Trachelospermum jasminoides. Extra garden beds have been planted to accommodate the plants I keep bringing home from local nurseries and bus trips with the Maleny Garden Club and also plants given by kind friends.

The Australian native trees and shrubs growing on the slope at the back of our property were planted by Brian to help prevent “slips” occurring during heavy rain. The Obi Obi Creek flows through the valley below into the Baroon Pocket Dam.

The scarecrow garden with the herbs growing and fairy bower was created for our grandchildren, as I believe children should be encouraged to take an interest in gardening – and gnomes were added for fun. We also developed a small “Tuscan” garden behind the shed to overcome a hot, dry, difficult area where nothing seemed to grow. The citrus trees seem to add to this area. One of the photinias in the hedge along the drive decided to die, for what reason we aren’t sure but something had to take its place, so Brian built the “Shady Nook” and recently, he also built a summer house.

The lilly-pilly, viburnum and photinia hedges are the handiwork of Brian and I’m not sure just how much longer he will be able to trim them. There are annuals, perennials, roses, sasanqua and japonica camellias as well as some native shrubs throughout the garden. Take a stroll along the bush walk as it is quite refreshing, especially on a hot day. “Therapeutic” is how my friends describe it. The view from the back across the hills to Montville and east to Caloundra, on a clear day is quite spectacular. On misty days, we still enjoy the scenery as we watch the mist drift across the valley.

Working with nature, planning the garden and watching it develop give us a lot of enjoyment. With the seasonal changes, the garden never stays the same, as gardeners know. So feel welcome and enjoy your stroll around the garden, if there is anything you would like to know, please ask, as we would like to be of assistance.