Garden 2

Rose Cottage & Magnolia Cottage 

Chris & Gary Crew

The garden surrounding Rose and Magnolia Cottages at Lower Trail Road is 8,093m² (2 acres) in extent and was begun 12 years ago on a grassed dairy paddock with not one tree.

To the owners’ great disappointment, the soil proved to be black for the first 50 centimetres then grey clay pug. There is no Maleny red soil on the property so the ground has been heavily worked over the years with mulch and gypsum to break up the heavy pug. Despite this setback, the garden boasts a range of magnificent and rare species including extensive plantings of old roses (which enjoy the pug), over 70 magnolias of all species (which are very hardy) and about 70 camellias. While all camellia japonicas will not grow in the pug, sasanqua and especially the giant reticulatas thrive in it. The garden also features oak and birch, an orchard, palm gardens with extensive sub-tropical foliage and extensive flowering annual plantings.

One of the features of the garden is the use of stone in walls, terraces and stairs enabling access to the heavily sloping site, while the sweeping borrowed landscape of the Obi Valley (north facing views to Montville over Lake Baroon, west facing to Witta), captures the hearts of most visitors, others fall in love with the beautiful spring fed lake and accompanying Oriental garden complete with arches, bridge and statuary. Look out for the sculpture by Jacqui Sekold, especially her magnificent one-off work, “Alice’s Tea Party”. And make sure that you have coffee (and drink in the view) from the elegant summer house. A truly grand garden in the classic tradition.