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Development of the Maleny Garden Club Newsletter

Following discussion on the possibility of introducing a regular newsletter for the Maleny Garden Club, in 2002, the 50th anniversary year, a newsletter came to fruition. Read about this process here.

January 2002

Newsletter: The results of the questionnaire circulated by Mal Price at the Christmas Lunch shows
– 27 were in favour of the newsletter but were unwilling to assist in its production
– 7 were in favour and willing to help and stated their area of interested:

    • Library news and new book reviews: Joyce and Brian Butterfield:
    • General help: Kay Hughes
    • Co-ordinating activities of the newsletter sub-committee: Molly Cock
    • Word processing: Rosemary Simmonds and Margaret OwensGarden activities: Margaret Stevenson
    • Garden Activities: Margaret Stevenson
    • Compilation editing: Ivy Cox

The majority favoured a quarterly publication. Molly Cock is hoping to be able to print these in February, May, August and November. 50 copies for the first edition. Suggested topics include recipes, social news, future events, garden news, plant news, tour dates and reports. A Club Newsletter will be trialled this year. The first edition will be available at the February meeting. Molly Cock has formed a sub-committee of those who expressed interest and had called for ideas from members. Molly has been unable to contact Ann Sayers who has experience with such newsletters.

February 2002

Newsletter: Molly Cock Editor and sub-committee have worked enthusiastically to produce the first Maleny Garden Club newsletter. To be called Snippets. which should be printed and available for the General Meeting. Molly will be unable to continue as editor but will be replaced by Rosemary Simmons and Kay Hughes will assist generally. Ivy Cox will assist with compilation and editing. Although new members Tom and Jarrod Ruston have kindly offered their expertise to assist with compilation. It is hoped once the teething problems have been overcome members will be available to fill their positions.

The sub-committee has discussed sponsorship to cover the cost of mailing to members. After a lengthly discussion the committee sought approval for postal distribution. No one was in favour. It was thus proposed that 75 copies of the newsletter be distributed at the February meeting. 1 copy only  for every member. All in favour. A second motion was proposed that the Club bear the cost of printing at Maleny Stationery. All in favour. A third motion was proposed that Tom and Jarrod Ruston be paid for cost they may incur for the compilation of the newsletter. All in favour.

This year will be a trial year for the newsletter with costs, popularity, suggestions to be assessed throughout the year.

*** First Edition of Snippets 26 February 2002 ***

Snippets, the Garden Club’s newsletter had its first release today, The President congratulated Molly Cock for her foundation work and the committee for their enthusiasm and professionalism in the production of the newsletter. Editor. Rosemary Simmons. thanked her committee for their hard work and outlined plans for future editions. Contributions up to 250 words are required to the editor or co-editor, Sandra Slack, using 12 font and dot pointing if possible. Handwritten contributions will be acceptable however the use of a computer would be ideal. Rosemary made special thanks to Ivy Cox’s family who gave a lot of time and expertise in assisting with the first printing.

See the first issue of Snippets here. (Autumn 2002)
See all the issues of Snippets here.

August 2002

The Spring edition of Snippets is out today. Rosemary Simmons suggested a swap segment be added to the next edition. Members were in support of this idea. Articles for the Summer edition will be required no later than the October meeting. The President commended the editorial committee on the success of the newsletter.

See the Spring issue of Snippets here. (Spring 2002)




Note to insert – Secretary and Publicity Officer is Gillian Macleod  (not McLeod)