Tips & Gleanings – Penny Hegarty

The Tips & Gleanings fact sheet from the August meeting is now available.

It’s a summary of Penny Hegarty’s talk about propagating and seed raising.

Penny is a former nursery operator who lives in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.

She does garden talkback with Sunshine Coast FM radio station 104.9 on Saturday mornings from 8am to 9am.

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There are some changes to the page – the newest fact sheets are now at the TOP but keep reading down – there are more gems to find.

Thanks to Kevin for all his work.

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One thought on “Tips & Gleanings – Penny Hegarty

  1. Kim & Lena Bulwinkel says:

    Good Evening Penny,
    I am a regular listener to your Sat 0800 – 0900 segment on 104.9 FM – thank you for this engaging and informative show.
    My wife & I need some professional assistance with our garden in Birtinya – many plants are looking unhappy and our prolific but not behaving garden is in trouble on many fronts. We need professional help.
    Can you please suggest someone that we may be able to engage for an assessment at the very least and further help as required.
    Can you please give us some direction as to whom we can engage for an in depth assessment of our various problems – too many to list –

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