A Message from The President

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President’s Report – September 2015

Thinking back over the past twelve months and putting together thoughts for this report, I find myself feeling great gratitude for the work done by the Committee this year – with every detail attended to; meetings running without any difficulties; discussions are had; and decisions are made.

I have been very proud to be a part of the Executive Team for this Club and I can say without hesitation that the affairs have been handled with great decorum.

I thank Anne for her support as Vice President. It has been invaluable at times when I have needed a very capable second opinion.

To have the compiled file that Brian has made of past Executive Members and the insight into the history of our Club, has taken time and great effort and I am very appreciative of the work you have done, Brian, which allowed me to look back and find one of our long-standing members to ask to chair our Election of Officers today.

We are so fortunate in this Club to have members who have been with us for many years, many of whom have held positions on the Committee and it shows us, I think, the camaraderie that is felt by all of us – that we enjoy and want to continue to enjoy one another’s company, not only to learn about gardening but to share friendship.

To my other executives, Marie, Dot, Jan, Glenys, Nancy, Toni, Jim and John (absent but not forgotten), my thanks to you all for your great work.

Jan, sadly, is standing down this year after many years on the Executive Committee. You will be missed by the forthcoming Committee, Jan. You are quiet but organised and a great worker for this Club and we thank you.

Glenys is away, but I must mention the work she has done in putting together an excellent format for the future member to follow for Publicity & Advertising for The Gardening on The Edge event. Glenys is standing down and we also thank her for her great effort.

In closing, I hope that the next twelve months brings many more fun Sip & Snips; well organised bus trips by Nancy, which are always most enjoyable; great friendship; good speakers, thanks to the one and only Harvey; and much to be learnt from one another about gardening.

My thanks to you all for your tolerance and support.

Marnie, President


Hello from Marnie, your new President (2014-2015)

I am looking forward to a very interesting and eventful New Year. Harvey, I’m sure will have a line-up of guest speakers who will keep us informed and entertained. We are hoping to have some meetings outside of our regular venue and I look forward to letting you know where they will be. I must thank all of our members who generously offered their gardens for Sip and Snip last year, we enjoy our wander and cuppa, it is a very social time.

Happy Gardening in 2015
Marnie Trass