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Tips & Gleanings

Tips & Gleanings 1 by Kevin Radbourne – Cordylines (Guest Speaker – Alexia Loader)

Tips & Gleanings 2 by Kevin Radbourne – Natives (Guest Speaker – Geoff Robinson)

Tips & Gleanings 3 by Kevin Radbourne – Heritage Roses (Guest Speaker Leonie Kearnie)

Tips & Gleanings 4 by Kevin Radbourne – Fungi (Guest Speaker Frances Guard)

Tips & Gleanings 5 by Kevin Radbourne – Bizarre & Beautiful Botanicals (Guest Speakers Ian & Judy Wintle)

Tips & Gleanings 6 by Kevin Radbourne – Plants & Flowers Grown on Our Site (Guest Speakers Lodi & Yucca Pameijer)

Tips & Gleanings 7 by Kevin Radbourne – Unusual Plants, Garden Tips/Techniques & Bulbs (Guest Speaker Russell Young, Theo’s Nursery)

Tips & Gleanings 8 by Kevin Radbourne – Where Have All The Flowers Gone & Aloe (Guest Speaker Michael Dent)

Tips & Gleanings 9 by Kevin Radbourne – Ideal Gardens/Creative Landscapes (Guest Speaker Bill Armstrong)

Tips & Gleanings 10 by Christine Lister – Garden Tools & Equipment (Guest Speaker Clint Kenny)

Tips & Gleanings 11 by Kevin Radbourne – Safety In The Garden & Smarter Gardening (Guest Speaker Julie Lumsdale)

Tips & Gleanings 12 by Bette Weston – Local Australian Plant Species for your Garden (Guest Speaker Dr Nita Lester) 

Tips & Gleanings 13 by Kevin Radbourne – Australian Native Food (Guest Speakers John & Mary King) 

Tips & Gleanings 14 by Kevin Radbourne – Australian Native Bees (Guest Speaker Diane Clark)

Tips & Gleanings 15 by Kevin Radbourne – Tips & Tricks (Guest Speaker Phil Ryan)

Tips & Gleanings 16 by Kevin Radbourne – “Get Ready” Preparations for Disasters (Guest Speaker Melanie Ferguson, Sunshine Coast Council)

Tips & Gleanings 17 by Kevin Radbourne – “The Micro Gardener” (Guest Speaker Anne Gibson)

Tips & Gleanings 18 by Kevin Radbourne – “New Releases – Old Favourites: Tricks & Tips” (Guest Speaker Russell Young)

Tips & Gleanings 19 by Kevin Radbourne – “Organic Garden Products” (Guest Speaker Jonathan Drury)

Tips & Gleanings 20 by Sonia Douglas – “Minimising the Use of Pesticides (Guest Speaker Steve Flood (Bachelor in Horticulture)

Tips & Gleanings 21 by Kevin Radbourne – “Local Plants for Local Conditions” (Guest Speaker Spencer Shaw – Forest Heart Nursery)

Tips & Gleanings 22 by Kevin Radbourne – “Edible & Medicinal Weeds” (Guest Speaker Trijnte Reilly – Middle Path Natural Health)

Tips & Gleanings 23 by Kevin Radbourne – “Introducing Troforte M Microbes & Minerals” (Guest Speaker Chris Healy – The Future of Plant Nutrition is Here Today)

Tips & Gleanings 24 by Kevin Radbourne – “History of Pattemore House & Garden” (Guest Speakers Penny Edwards & Sue McCleary)

Tips & Gleanings 25 by Kevin Radbourne – “Growing Beautiful Indoor Plants” (Guest Speaker Steve Flood)

Tips & Gleanings 26 by Kevin Radbourne – “Sub-Tropical Perennials” (Guest Speaker Carol Kerkin)

Tips & Gleanings 27 by Kevin Radbourne – “Begonias, Ferns & Other Specialty Plants (Guest Speaker Theo Beenders)

Tips & Gleanings 28 by Kevin Radbourne – “Heritage Roses & Other Cottage Plants” (Guest Speaker Leonie Kearney)

Tips & Gleanings 29 by Glenys Hiley – “Partnering with Fungi – Benefits & Costs (Guest Speaker Frances Guard)

Tips & Gleanings 30 by Kevin Radbourne – “Unusual Ferns – Old & New Releases” (Guest Speaker Russell Young)

Tips & Gleanings 31 by Kevin Radbourne – “Just Geraniums” (Guest Speaker Wendy Skelton)

Tips & Gleanings 32 by Kevin Radbourne – “Aussie Erosion Garden Products” (Guest Speaker Stephen Berry)

Tips & Gleanings 33 by Christine Lister – “Seed Raising/Striking Cuttings/Planting Out” (Guest Speaker Phil Ryan)

Tips & Gleanings 34 by Kevin Radbourne – “Orchids” (Guest Speaker Steve Flood)

Tips & Gleanings 35 by Kevin Radbourne – Pelargoniums & Geraniums (Guest Speaker Helen Rattenbury)

Tips & Gleanings 36 by Kevin Radbourne – Hibiscus (Guest Speaker Chris Noble)

Tips & Gleanings 37 by Kevin Radbourne – Caladiums & Begonias (Guest Speaker Theo Beenders

Tips & Gleanings 38 by Kevin Radbourne – Why Do Some Gardeners Have Green Thumbs & some have brown thumbs – also 5 Facets for Healthy Soil – Guest Speaker Des Warnock 

Tips & Gleanings 39 by Christine Lister – Poisonous Plants (Guest Speaker Greg Brown)

Tips & Gleanings 40 by Kevin Radbourne – Nutri-Tech Solutions (Guest Speaker Graeme Sait)

Tips & Gleanings 41 by Kevin Radbourne – Wildlife Friendly Gardening (Guest Speaker Spencer Shaw)

Tips & Gleanings 42 by Kevin Radbourne – Clever Gardening in South East Queensland (Guest Speaker Ian & Judy Wintle)

Tips & Gleanings 43 by Kevin Radbourne -Bromeliads for Everyone (Guest Speaker Steve Flood)

Tips & Gleanings 44 by Kevin Radbourne – “Organic Gardening – Tips & Tricks” (Guest Speaker Phil Ryan)

Tips & Gleanings 45 by Kevin Radbourne – “Unusual Spring Plants & Bulbs” (Guest Speaker Russell Young)

Tips & Gleanings 46 by Christine Lister – “How to work with Nature’s Moon Cycles for a healthy productive garden” *Guest Speaker Anne Gibson)

Tips & Gleanings 47 by Kevin Radbourne – “Caladiums, Begonias & Orchids (Guest Speaker Theo Benders)

Tips & Gleanings 48 by Kevin Radbourne – “Flower Power” (Guest Speaker Claire Bickle)

Tips & Gleanings 49 by Kevin Radbourne – “Baptising you plants for Summer” (Guest Speaker Phil Ryan)

Tips & Gleanings 50 by Kevin Radbourne – “Soil Mineral Balancing for Home Gardening” (Guest Speaker Tim & Bec Cantrill)

Tips & Gleanings 51 by Kevin Radbourne – “Creating a Delicious Bushfood Garden” (Guest Speaker Karen Shaw)

Tips & Gleanings 52 by Kevin Radbourne – “Growing Local Native Plants for Native Bees ” (Guest Speaker Spencer Shaw)

Tips & Gleanings 53 by Kevin Radbourne – “Growing Unusual Edible Perennials” (Guest Speaker Kevin Redd)





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Natives – “Local Australian Plant Species for your Garden” by Dr Nita Lester


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A Blended Garden – Joan Dillon

Microbe Tea – Steve Flood

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